friday 5


  1. How well do you think you handle being interviewed for jobs?
  2. I actually blank out because of nerves during interviews, I can't remember what is asked or how I answer
  3. In what other contexts have you been interviewed?
  4. a few times I've been interviewed by former students for their college classes regarding becoming a teacher
  5. What are the strangest questions you’ve been asked in interviews?
  6. for my current job, I was asked the same question multiple times, I knew there had to be a story about it
  7. What are your greatest strengths on the job, and what are your greatest shortcomings?
  8. I work well with others, I work well under deadlines, and my shortcomings include a dislike of multitasking
  9. When has a mistake at work resulted in something positive for you?
  10. the best laid plans can sometimes lead to the best experiences

1 comment:

Terri D said...

Good answers!! I've been in my current position for 18 years. I barely remember my last interview.