ten things tuesday

Ten things on my to do list:

1) Go to Knit Night. I haven't been in weeks!

2) Mail a package to a friend who needs a boost. I've put together some fun items for her, but need to actually put the package in the mail.

3) Correct a stack of essays. I had the Advanced Placement US History kids write an essay and I am procrastinating correcting it, well, is it procrastination of I collected it yesterday?

4) Read the next chapter of my text for class. I should really do it now, but I'm afraid I will forget the information if I read it too soon. Is that procrastinating?

5) Order my father's birthday gift. I'm getting him Josh Groban's new CD. His birthday isn't until May but I told him I would give the CD to him when it comes out.

6) Buy a new microwave oven. I got my current one at Sears. Since then, Sears has closed and I really am not sure where to go to get a new one. I was toying with KMart, since they might carry some Kenmore and I've had good luck with that brand.

7) Clean out my email inbox. My school email is out of control; I need to sort through the important emails and get rid of the trivial stuff.

8) Create advance posts for Sunday Stealing. It seems like I'm usually scrambling. I could do a batch in advance and have them scheduled to go.

9) Knit a hat for charity. I am trying to knit at least one per month so I will have a pile to give to Planet Head Day next year.

10) Clorox the desks in my class. It's time to spring clean and kill all the germies!


Terri D said...

That is a very busy list. Love #9!! #10 is a must, for sure. I would miss Sunday Stealing if it wasn't posted! Love that meme.

Paula said...

Can you order your microwave online? Our Sears closed too. I will miss the Kenmore brand

The Gal Herself said...

KMart will most certainly carry Kenmore. I promise!