friday 5

But, seriously...

  1. What’s something most people just don’t take seriously enough?
  2. Cell phone etiquette
  3. What’s something most people take too seriously?
  4. themselves
  5. What kind of serious business are you up to today?
  6. teaching the next generation
  7. When did you last get the giggles at a time when you were expected to be serious?
  8. during class this morning, I blurted out something that caught us all off guard and I was so embarrassed!
  9. What are some foods you think of as serious, and what are some you think of as funny?
  10. Meat and potatoes are serious; cheese doodles and bananas are funny!


Paula said...

Would love to hear what you blurted out! Cheese doodles and bananas ARE funny

Kwizgiver said...

I was talking about my poor sleeping this week--and last night, especially. When my alarm went off this morning I said, "Sweet Jesus" and hit the snooze. And I didn't catch myself, I just blurted it out. My apologies cracked all the kids up.

The Gal Herself said...

"Teaching the next generation" is indeed serious shit, Ms. Kwiz!

Cat. said...

Matchy-matchy on #2.