booking through thursday

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Two part question:

In an ideal world, what kind of book cases would you have? Built-ins? Barrister ones with glass doors? The cheapest you could find so you could have lots of them?

And … what kind of bookcases do you REALLY have?

In and ideal world, they would be built-in bookshelves. They would be magnificent. In the real world, I have one book case that's crammed full of books because I have multiple virtual bookshelves on my Nook. I love shelving books on my Nook. I wish that if I created a virtual shelf it would show up on multiple Nooks, though, that would be a feature I'd love!


Paula said...

In the ideal world I wouldn't have any book shelves. I love my nook too. And lots easier to dust than a bunch of books!!!

Terri D said...

Three shelves with books are all I have left, and most of them are art books and exhibit catalogs. My books are on my Kindle now....close to 400!!