booking through thursday

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Hardcovers or paperbacks?

Before I got my Nook, I preferred paperbacks. Not the pocket size, the trade size. Although, I did go through a hard cover phase. And I try to get the original cover, not the movie-tie-in.


  1. I'm actually one of the people who prefers hardbacks! Love the heft of them for some reason... Then next is Tradesized, then mass. I have a Samsung Tablet (Nook) - but rarely read books on it....

    Linda in VA

  2. I don't read on anything anymore but my Nook. Once I read a book I am through with it so I just can't justify buying the actual books anymore!

  3. If I love a book I can't imagine not having it hold, so I use my Kindle for magazines and blogging and email. I like trade size paperbacks, too, because they fit so neatly into my purse or messenger bag. There's just something so flimsy and impermanent about little paperbacks.