10 ¢

I got sent home from school today because I have lost my voice. I am saddened that the crud has finally caught up to me. I thought I had been diligent in my hand washing, hand sanitizing, and vitamin C-ing. It's a workshop day. So I wasn't devastated that I got sent home. And I don't think I have to make up the time. Tomorrow's workshop has the real nitty gritty stuff that I don't want to miss.

You may ask yourself, why did I bother going to school at all... but the answer is that I don't talk out loud in the mornings because I live by myself. I didn't know what I sounded (or didn't sound) like until I got to school.


Terri D said...

Please take care of you!! I'm glad they sent you home, and hope you got some rest!

Cynthia said...

Oh I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Get better soon!

Paula said...

I hope it is better soon. It is hard to avoid the crud at schools isn't it?

Cat. said...

Time to start talking to yourself in the morning! :-) Although you don't have to admit it to anyone.

We sent a coworker home yesterday with instructions to see her doctor. I was sure she was having a heart attack, but (thank God) I was wrong.

Hope you're better by now!!