28 things about february

Here's a list of 28 things about this month:

1) I spent some time with friends/former students I haven't seen in years and years. We laughed and caught up and gossipped and had a marvelous time.

2) Vacation week, I should call it staycation week, was spoiled by the rotten snowstorms. I didn't feel comfortable going on road trips.

3) I read three books this month. And it was a pretty mixed bag of liking/disliking them.

4) Paying It Forward was a big theme this month. Not only did I have two people buy my morning coffee at the drive-thru, I also got Snowed On with a goodie bag from someone (I still don't know who did it).

5) And I paid it forward, too, buying coffee for people behind me at the drive-thru and Snowing On two other colleagues!

6) I started Season Three of Once Upon A Time. I'm not sure why I like it.

7) One of the home improvement projects I had was organizing my sweaters. I've got a trunk of sweaters, but I've really only been wearing the same handful. So I rotated and pulled the sweaters from the bottom to the top. It's kind of like having a new wardrobe. I just wish it was time to move into the spring sweaters. And by spring sweaters, I mean thinner, brighter colors.

8) This wasn't a particularly nappish month for me, which is unusual.

9) Pineapples were on sale at the market, so I bought a couple and I've been happily nibbling away since then.

10) Planet Head Day was a couple of weeks ago and I knit four hats for it. My pledge for 2016 is to knit a hat a month so I'll contribute at least 12.

11) Planet Head Day is a fundraising event where people shave their heads for donations--then the freshly shaved heads are painted like planets. My knitting group contributes hats for those who shave their heads.

12) I'm knitting a blanket for the impending birth of my great-nephew, whose mother is my Pennsylvania niece; I went to the wedding in a whirlwind trip a couple years ago. I'm going to knit a baby hat with a matching Daddy hat, too, because I think it would be funny.

13) Valentine's Day didn't annoy me this year. Not that it's usually a big deal. I just didn't dwell on being single.

14) I made arrangements for a guest speaker to come into my psychology class again this year. Same speaker as last year, even though I was hesitant to ask him two years in a row. But he readily agreed. And my students are excited.

15) Over vacation, I got together for what's become an annual lunch date with my Portland friend and her kids--it's so fun to see how they've grown and matured.

16) I knit myself a special red hat. I really wanted a red hat. Just a fancy I got in my head. And I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

17) The TV show The Slap is fascinating. The dynamics among and between the characters are brilliant. Which makes me glad that TV shows are limiting episodes. Knowing a show has a limited run makes me more interested in watching it.

18) A dear friend of mine turned 40 this month. She was planning to celebrate with a Girls Getaway to Vegas but she injured (or re-injured) her back and the trip was canceled. She may even have to have surgery! Yoikes!

19) I am completely baffled by the dress meme that has exploded on the internet. Don't get why it's such a thing.

20) I'm not sad to see February go. It's been the coldest February on record (that's 139 years of record keeping). I've always said that February is the longest shortest month.

21) I looked at CraigsList for the first time in my life today. What an eye-opener!

22) My left knee has been bothering me for about a week now. It's weird--not muscle pain. I just don't know what I might have done to it. I hope it doesn't hurt much longer.

23) I think I'm getting age spots on the backs of my hands. They look like freckles but they're not freckles. When I Googled, it looks like the spots on my hands. How am I old enough for age spots?????

24) I'm trying to save all of my $5 bills. To put them in my savings account.

25) Today was a sunny day. But it was still cold.

26) I have a friend who is super excited to celebrate birthdays. Almost more than I am. But we get the celebration thing. We went to lunch to celebrate her birthday today and I'm still full. The incredible chocolate lava cake was over the top.

27) My teaching certificate has been renewed until 2020. That seems so far away! I hope I remember to take it to school to put on file.

28) All in all, I will focus on the highlights of this month. Even though the bone-chilling cold numbs me to the good stuff.


Terri D said...

Glad your teaching certificate was renewed!! I love fresh pineapple, too. I think I'll add that to my shopping list! Hope the knee pain is temporary! I enjoyed reading your list of February things!

The Gal Herself said...

Be careful with the pineapple. I binged on it recently without knowing it's a natural laxative. Uh-oh!

The dress: the art directors I work with are rattled that colors they believe they captured can be so wildly mis- reinterpreted. I don't speak fluent art, but apparently ADs assume that different paper (if a piece is printed) or differently calibrated monitors (if it's online) can have an impact but they were flummoxed by this. BTW, I saw gold and white.

Unknown said...

Great wrap-up!

I don't get "the dress" thing either. It's funny that I first saw in in black and blue, then when I looked again, I saw white and gold. It's a cool eye-brain filtering thing, but not worth breaking the internet over.

I watch Once Upon a Time, too, and while I'm not sure what I like about it, I keep watching.

Lisa said...

I don't watch network television much so wasn't aware of "The Slap" - watched the trailer you linked to and still don't get it over and above the main issue at hand. I'll check it out though.

Also, WTF on the dress meme. We are hella bored, aren't we, if this is a thing now.

What's "being snowed on" about? Is it like Secret Santa? Do tell!

Paula said...

I loved this list. I love fresh pineapple. That's my favorite thing about going to the Caribbean. All that fruit! I am struggling to decide if I want to renew my nursing license. If it didn't cost $100. I would do it without thinking about it......