shaking it up

Shaking things up in my classroom this week. I'm trying a game called Socratic Smackdown, which is a Socratic seminar set up as a game--the students earn points by employing different discussion techniques and digging deeply into the subject. It's way out of my comfort zone. I have no idea if it will work. But we're going to try it!

I want to be a better, more creative teacher. I want to try new ways to reach my students.


Paula said...

I watched the video. It looks like a good teaching tool. Kids seem to learn better if it is fun!

Beth said...

I'm having trouble commenting so you may get this twice. I'm glad you linked to this game. I teach 6th grade history and may be able to use this in class. Some of my classes are small so it may not work for them.

Unknown said...

Hope it works out well! If not, you did put in the effort for them. You're a caring and dedicated teacher.

The Gal Herself said...

How cool is this! Being a teacher, you have access to stuff like this that I'd never see otherwise.

And to borrow from Erika, I think your students are are lucky to have such a caring and dedicated teacher.