friday 5

  1. How regularly do you get interrupted at work, and how well do you handle it?
  2. I am constantly interrupted and I just roll with it
  3. What was the occasion the last time a TV program you were watching was interrupted by breaking news?
  4. last Tuesday a storm warning
  5. Whose flow did you most recently interrupt, and what was so important?
  6. one of my colleagues, I didn't realize he was in the zone
  7. How easily does your train of thought get interrupted?
  8. when I'm by myself, it doesn't really. When I'm at school, it's pretty constant. And I'm not a very good multi-tasker so I get confused with what I'm working on sometimes.
  9. What’s something in your life that could use some interrupting?
  10. my shopping habits need to be interrupted!

1 comment:

Terri D said...

Good answers!! I read the questions earlier and just couldn't think of anything to put as answers. Yours are great!