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Do your TBR books (that’s “To Be Read,” if you didn’t know) haunt you, make you feel guilty that you haven’t read them yet? From the archives.

Sometimes I feel really guilty for having a TBR. Like I'm a major waste--time and money! So many books are on sale, though, that I pick them up for less than $5! Besides, having a Nook means there aren't shelves and shelves of physical books fighting for space.


Cynthia said...

YES! They even haunt my dreams, saying "Read me!" Read me!" Hahaha

I did nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! I really, really love your blog and yours is one I visit on a regular basis. :) Here is the link: http://bookbinges.blogspot.it/2015/01/sisterhood-of-world-bloggers-award.html

Terri D said...

Oh my. I have close to 400 books in my Kindle account. I'll probably never get them all read. Never felt guilty before, buy now that you brought it up, I might start having bad dreams about them..... (winking)

The Gal Herself said...

I sometimes joke about leaving my apartment to move into the hall to make room for my books. Only I'm not really joking.

Unknown said...

Guilty? No. The books don't lose anything by my not reading them, and most of my books nowadays are virtual anyway. With all the free and low-priced Kindle books available, I'd never be able to read them all. But I don't mind trying!