Today's prompt: Today is Salesperson Day - day to step back and be thankful for those who serve us, whether it's on the phone when we call a to place an order, or those who ring us up at the store.

How do you show your appreciation to salespersons with whom you interact?

I make eye contact and focus my attention on them when I talk to them. I find that taking that moment to connect and acknowledge that there is a sales person, keyword person, makes a difference. When I'm on the phone, I ask to speak to a supervisor so I can compliment the service I've received. I know that is appreciated by the supervisor and the person with whom I've chatted.


Paula said...

I hate it when I am at the grocery store and the customer ahead of me is talking on her cell phone the entire time the sales clerk is helping her....such a sign of disrespect!!

The Gal Herself said...

This is important. I always remember the salespeople who piss me off, but I don't notice the ones who do well. Shame on me.

Unknown said...

I love catching them being good!