friday 5

  1. What’s a memorable prank you were involved in, either as perpetrator, victim, or witness?
  2. one year at school the teachers were pranking each other like crazy and I was able to slip under the radar and go to the kingpin's room and turn everything in the room backwards or upside down. All the books, posters, desks, you name it, it was flipped! No one knew it was me. That was the best part.
  3. When did you last fool someone into believing something untrue?
  4. I got my students to believe some ridiculous nonsense the other day, they were crushed to find out the story I told them wasn't true
  5. What was a secret you accidentally let slip?
  6. I can't remember, but I know I'm not too good with secrets so I'm sure there's something
  7. What’s a memorable thing you did when you should have been at work or school?
  8. I took a personal day and hung out with my parentals
  9. What’s a nice thing you did anonymously for someone?
  10. I like doing RAOK and frequently pay for the next person in the drive thru or at the movies, that's always a big surprise--they get into the movie for free!

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Paula said...

You are a very kind person. I love your prank! So much fun