holiday shopping

Today's prompt: Last week we had Black Friday (which in many cases started on Thursday), and this week we've got Cyber Monday. Do you take part in either?

I did not take part in Black Friday madness, although I did go to a couple of stores. I did participate in Small Business Saturday--and I supported my favorite small businesses. And... I bought a couple things online on Cyber Monday but nothing was a raging deal.

I'm not buying much this Christmas, I'm knitting more gifts than anything.


  1. I did do some shopping.... on the couch in my PJs!! If it couldn't be bought online, I didn't need it bad enough!

  2. I haven't yet purchased a thing

  3. We got our tree and ornaments on Black Friday. I couldn't believe how cheap. I normally hate shopping, but that was fun.

  4. We broke the bank on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. If someone could hand-knit a Kindle, they'd put Amazon out of business.