time capsule...

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge
16) If you planted a time capsule right now of your life to be opened in 20 years, what would be in it?

I would include:

  1. A book
  2. A Nook
  3. Knitting Needles
  4. Yarn (the good kind)
  5. A necklace
  6. A scarf
  7. An iPad or iPod or iPhone
  8. A bottle of OPI nail polish
  9. A napkin or straw from Dunkin' Donuts
  10. An EZ Grader
  11. An Oprah magazine
  12. The Week magazine
  13. People Magazine (preferably with George Clooney as the Sexiest Man Alive)
  14. A set of InkJoy pens
  15. A Reese's Cup
  16. A jar of Nutella
  17. Thong sandals (not to be confused with flip flops)
  18. Car keys
  19. Funky Post-Its
  20. A set of Sharpies
  21. A set of Expo dry erase markers
  22. One of each of my text books
  23. A family photo
  24. A universal remote control

I can't think of anything else...


Paula said...

Now that is a good list....but what are thong sandals? When I was growing up thongs were flip flops! Now a thong is a whole 'nother thing!

The Gal Herself said...

This is a very eclectic list.