ten things tuesday...

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Things I Only Do Once a Year But I Wish I Could Do Them More Often

1) Celebrate my birthday. Not that I want to get older, but I do love celebrating being alive.

2) Celebrate Thanksgiving. We generally go out to eat which is convenient. I love this time of year and dedicating the time and effort to reflecting on my blessings for a formal holiday.

3) Harvest Break. It's tradition.

4) The Holidays. I wish everyone would just relax during the holidays. It's not a competition to spend the most, decorate the most, or anything the most. It's not about perfection or baking or parties. It's about celebrating and family. And I wish people would remember that the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Christmas day.

5) Summer vibe. There's some kind of relieved excitement at the end of the school year. I try to schedule a massage for the last day of school, which is a delicious way to start vacation.

6) Stargaze. Usually I only go stargazing during the Perseids meteor shower. I should go more often.

7) Planet Head Day. My knitting group sponsors a local cancer charity event where people shave their heads and receive a hat reward. I should be knitting at least a hat a month but I wait until the last month and bang out as many hats as I can. It's a fun and exciting event.

8) New TV season. Can't wait for my favorite shows to begin again.

9) School supply season. I love getting shiny new things for school--this year I bought an electric pencil sharpener!

10) Leaf peeping. Truly one of the benefits of where I live. The leaf peeping is spectacular.


Paula said...

I couldn't do this list right now because there isn't anything that I do once a year that I want to do more often.....except wait for the new TV season. I have been enjoying some of the summer shows though

The Gal Herself said...

I am sooo with you on the school supplies ... and I don't even need any! There's just something happy and hopeful about sharp pencils and fresh crayon boxes and pristine file folders.

Lisa G said...

Stargazing and leaf peeping sound wonderful!