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This is the story of Craig Gilner, a stressed-out student at a prestigious college prep high school, finds himself overwhelmed by life and lands in a psychiatric ward. This is the story of his stay. For a book about such serious issues as depression and suicide, it's a light read. Craig's thoughts are amusing as he figures out how he wants to life his life. The secondary characters are an odd-ball assortment of patients Craig encounters, his family, and his typical high school friends.

What resonated with me is the enormous pressure teens are under. They are expected to be mini-adults as they navigate childhood. I know my students are stressed out because they have jobs to pay for their cars, getting into college, and having a social life. Lots of pressures. Lots of adult situations.

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Paula said...

It is too bad that parents don't let the kids be kids. There is plenty of adult life left. I struggle with this issue at my house. The kids want to be adults long before their times