ten things tuesday

Ten things that make me feel like a grown-up:

1) Owning a car. Knowing that I bought and paid for it myself. Knowing I maintain and insure it myself.

2) Living by myself. I've lived in my apartment for nineteen years and I still love it.

3) Teaching. Having a profession. Responsibility and attention to detail.

4) Aging. It's weird that my sisters are all 50 and older. What does it even mean anymore? How did we get this old?

5) Renewing my passport. The ability to travel wherever, whenever. Crossing into Canada just because.

6) Sitting on the Board of Trustees for the local library. Monthly meetings and many emails. And sub-committees.

7) Shaking hands. I had a guest speaker in my AP Psychology class today and when I met him we shook hands, and again when we parted. I felt so grown up.

8) Fixing things. Like unjamming the photocopier, squishing errant spiders, changing light bulbs, or other routine stuff.

9) Care-taking. My relationship with my parents is swinging around from them taking care of me to me taking care of them.

10. Being a sounding board. People seeking my advice, and sometimes even taking it!


Paula said...

Oh when the roles reverse and you become the caretaker of your parents....this makes us all feel grown up!

Cristy S said...

Pretty much makes me feel like a grown up too. Paying bills and taxes and having budgets make me feel like a grown up too.

The Gal Herself said...

I've never been on the board of anything. Impressive! Funny, but I'm still not used to shaking hands.