ten things tuesday

I'm fixated today on bacon, so I'm going to write my ten favorite breakfast foods:

1) Bacon. Especially when it's cooked well-done. Crisp bacon. I love bacon on just about anything--and I especially like bacon-wrapped scallops as an appetizer.

2) Eggs. I like them scrambled, over-easy, as an omelet. They are versatile and hearty.

3) Oatmeal. Especially with craisins, raisins, and nuts. Or apple chunks.

4) Fresh fruit. My favorite coffee shop has a fruit cup that is out of this world!

5) Pancakes. Dredged in real maple syrup. I don't like the fake syrup, I'd rather just have butter or jam than fake syrup.

6) Sausage. This is new to me. I have discovered the joys of sausage. I'm not picky if it's a patty or a link.

7) Cinnamon rolls. Oy, this is heavenly. A freshly made cinnamon roll with icing dribbling over the top. And a cup of coffee. YES!

8) Toast. Sometimes just a piece of toast, simple toast, hits the spot!

9) Donuts. I try to limit myself to one per week since I go to Dunkin' Donuts daily. I especially like Boston Creme donuts.

10) Hash browns. Or home fries. Whatever you call them. Potatoes at breakfast!!!!!


The Gal Herself said...

Reading this made me crave a grilled chilled and bacon sandwich. (You are the devil!)

Cristy S said...

I am not a breakfast person. I would rather skip straight to lunch. Cold spaghetti is a favorite in the mornings.