march madness

March 3: Describe today's outfit.

Brown jeans, a stripey shirt, and a cowl I finished knitting over the weekend.


Paula said...

And you look very nice, I might add.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Yes, she does doesn't she?

I love your soft curly hair, too. And of course, the cowl. Do you like to wear them? I'm thinking of making some, too. Congratulations on your new, pretty cowl!

Gah! Is it March Madness Already?

Unknown said...

Love the cowl! My daughter's crocheting a hood/scarf for me... and now I want a cowl.

Vivian said...

I LOVE the cowl. I've tried to knit .. tried failed...booo

Cristy S said...

Very cute. I wish I could just knit myself up a cowl. It is so pretty.