march madness

March 8: My exercise philosophy.

I am ashamed to admit my philosophy. In my head it rationalizes my lack of activity but written down it's going to sound silly. Here goes: I have OCD. I become obsessive about exercise. It must be done at a particular time, in a particular place, and done with full-on intensity. If I can't "do it" at that level, I can't do it at all. Or I punish myself with my thinking, which I don't know how to describe. So it's really all or nothing. Right now, I'm in a nothing stage. And I'm trying to change my thinking about exercise, but with this OCD pattern, I'm having a very difficult time. Especially without a therapist to coach me. I know, rationally, that I need to exercise.

It's too bad knitting isn't exercise. Or napping. Or reading.


Diana_CT said...

I have a hard problem in doing something I hadn't planned on doing. If a friend calls and says lets go to the museum, it is kind of like a fear runs up my spine and it takes effort to say yes.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

"I'm having a very difficult time. Especially without a therapist to coach me. I know, rationally, that I need to exercise."

Just move to the music and have some fun. Push some furniture out of the way if you have to, and go for 15 minutes at first. Fun and you will notice it. Dance is very good exercise. No adgenda workouts, other than some hot music. 1812 if you like!

The Gal Herself said...

I have a similar but different problem. My self sabotaging attitude is, well, I missed 4 days this week so why bother going on Friday? What difference will ONE workout make? Might as well have an ice cream sandwich!

I don't like this about myself. I'm too smart for this. It's frustrating.

Paula said...

My attitude towards exercise is that :"it just doesn't really matter" We all die sometime. It's really about what WE want to do. I know people, many people, who live until they are in their 90's and they never exercised or followed a diet. And I know runners who keeled over during a race, dying of a heart attack. I think you just have to do what you feel works for you and try to let go of the guilt.

Cristy S said...

I totally get your thinking. I am OCD as well. And, if my schedule gets messed up and I am unable to do the workout when I am "supposed" to; I skip it. I didn't go to the gym for the past two weeks because of that very thing. I have been slowly getting back into routine this week. It's hard though.