veni, vidi, laudaverunt

So, I had an email from my dad telling me that the altos in one of his choirs were going to be absent at "Midnight" Mass tonight and asking if I would help out.
I hemmed and hawed to myself about it all day but finally decided to go, as I knew deep down I would. Let me just say it's been YEARS since I've a) been to church and b) sung in a choir. I totally blew the parts for "Angels We Have Heard On High," but did a passable job sight singing the rest. There was no rumbling of thunder nor bolts of lightning. No earthquake nor locusts. Dad was appreciative.


A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Merry Christmas

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Wonderful that you got out there and Sang with the choir!

Beverly Sills' husband used to say to her, "May you sing like a Pig" for good luck. Odd but still, in some ways, sweet.

Merry Christmas Brave singer lady!

Paula said...

I am glad that you went. And for years from now you will be happy that you made your dad happy!!