ten things tuesday

Ten things:


2) How come people don't understand that the twelve days of Christmas start on Christmas day?

3) My father asked me to join the choir at "Midnight" Mass tonight (yeah, it's at 9 o'clock but they still call it Midnight Mass) because they're down some altos. I really don't want to go, but I know I will. How can I say no to Daddy?

4) After a whole week of snow and freezing rain, the sun is out! The temperature is actually in the double-digits. However, that won't last, there is a wind chill advisory for tonight.

5) I need to put together my endless bags for my local nieces and nephew.

6) Holy moly, how did it get to be Christmas Eve and I still haven't watched Elf! I must remedy that--stat!!

7) It looks like the pissing contest between my landlord and the post office is over. We got mail delivery today.

8) I need to straighten up my bedroom. It looks like my closet and my dresser blew up!!!

9) And it's time to read a holiday favorite--The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman.

10) Not sure what to set for a reading goal for 2014.


Anonymous said...

It's 8 degrees where I am, but at least it's sunny. . . and we may get snow for Christmas!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a wonderful new year full of family, friends, and books!

Paula said...

We are currently at 27* here and we didn't see the sun at all. We even had another dusting of snow...but it IS Christmas