ten things tuesday

Borrowing the idea from Paula: Ten things I take for granted.

1) Reliable internet service.

2) Electronics that work the way I want them to.

3) A safe and comfortable home.

4) Health. I need to make a few lifestyle changes to maintain my health. This might be the end of the daily chocolate.

5) Health care options and insurance. My primary care and my favorite pharmacist.

6) Family and friends.

7) My community. Such a small town that is wonderful 90% of the time. Except in bad weather.

8) Entertainment. Books, books, music, TV, books, movies, books, theater, and other forms of entertainment.

9) Transportation. My reliable car. That I need to remember to register.

10) Employment. I love my current employment--as a matter of fact, this is shaping up to be one of my best years. Even with all the challenges.


Unknown said...

Yes to all.
We are comfortable without realizing it. xx

Lisa G said...

I am so lucky to (a) have unbelievable health insurance, and (b) work for the same insurance company. Life is good!