likes and dislikes

11/26 Things you like and dislike about yourself.

I like that I have a wide variety of interests and am open to learning new things. I dislike that I'm vain about my clothing. I like that I laugh a lot. I dislike falling into slumps, when I am battling my demons. I like that when I am with someone, I give my whole attention. I dislike my lack of self-discipline. I like my appreciation of the arts, in all forms. I dislike my avoidance of performing--I would love to sing more. I like my attention to detail. I dislike my hoarding tendencies. I like being able to write great letters of recommendation. I dislike my lazy side. I like conquering my fears.


Unknown said...

wow. you could have written that for me. spot on. exactly x

Lisa G said...

Conquering your fears--this one spoke to me. I have fears that I have difficulty admitting to myself. Conquering them...wow, that would be amazing.