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This is the fourth in the Robert Langdon series. As with the other books, it takes place over 24 hours. Because the thrill of the chase is packed into such a short time span, it heightens the adventure. But the implausibility kicks in and kind of spoils the fun.

I don't know much about Dante's Inferno and now am curious to read it. Or a condensed version of it. And I want to go to Florence and Venice and Istanbul. What I really enjoyed is that I didn't know who to believe, who to trust, through the whole book. Because Langdon suffers amnesia (which is not a spoiler), it sets up the action for the rest of the book.

I'm excited for my book group to discuss this book. I'm sure there will be a few readers who do not like it and I can anticipate their reasons. Overall, I thought it was a fun thriller.

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I'm looking forward to reading this, too. Glad you enjoyed it!