searches me!

So the road trip started today with being searched at the Canadian border. I'm not sure what I said that triggered it, or maybe it was just my lucky number or something, but I had to step away from the car as the Canadian Border Patrol looked around--and popped the trunk. It was the weirdest feeling. Then we got to Woodstock, New Brunswick, and got our bearings and walked Main Street looking for some fun and funky shops. The only store I was interested in was a yarn shop but they weren't open today.

We went to Potato World and wanted to take the tour--but realized we both know enough about the potato industry that it would be redundant. We enjoyed the cafe instead. Oy for the garlic fries! I may have turned into a fry.

We then traveled up to Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and the Falls were active! We saw quite a few people zip line across the Gorge. It looked so exciting!!

And when coming back across the border, the Border Patrol looked in my trunk again. But the Americans didn't give us nearly as exciting a time as the Canadians did. Which is typically backward. Oh well, I got nothin.


Cristy S said...

*In my biggest whiniest voice* I want to be where you are!!!!! How cool just to go to Canada for the day. I love factory tours and weird places. Man, I really want to visit!!!

Diana_CT said...

I love the pictures, especially of Grand Falls. One of these days I want to drive the Cabot Trail but I can't talk anyone else in to going.