just five?

Twenty-second day of the July Challenge:

What is your 5 biggest pet peeves? (Should be are)

  1. Heat and humidity.
  2. Sniffling.
  3. No internet.
  4. One Upmanship.
  5. Pressure.


Paula said...

Yes! I agree with all 5! And coughing without covering your mouth

Jasmine said...

the sniffling one reminds me of this girl in my psych class, during every test, she makes this sound as if clearing her throat, it's the most irritating thing ever, i guess she isn't aware that she does it

Cristy S said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!!!! Especially 1, 3 and 4!! No internet makes me crazy!! One upmanship is horrible. I have a friend that is that way and I can't really stand to be around her. And, I am ready for fall.