ten things tuesday

Ten things I need to do:

1) I've got a meeting immediately after school today. It's for a student who had a stroke in February. He's had remarkable recovery but still has some lingering cognitive issues.

2) One of my students just rescued a bug. She insisted on taking it to a screen-less window. I just let her.

3) Two of my favorite senior student girls invited me to their graduation parties. Unfortunately, I don't want to go. But I have fun gifts for them.

4) I need to ship a scanner to my Virginia niece. It's been sitting in my classroom, in the box since I won it. But I haven't used it and it's been several years, so I'm sharing it.

5) It's time to assign the summer Advanced Placement United States History (fondly called APUSH) summer work! I've got the folders ready to roll. I need to get the text books organized.

6) One of my study hall students is an at-risk student. He's talking about dropping out of school as a viable option for his future. We're having quite a conversation. He's humoring me because he has his mind made up that he's not going to be back next year. It's sad. He's 16, barely.

7) I am almost finished knitting my first sweater. The body is almost complete!

8) It's my eldest sister's birthday but I forgot to get her a gift. Whoops! I have tentative plans with her for the weekend. We'll see if that pans out.

9) Tomorrow is Senior Skip Day. I'm not supposed to know. But I do.

10) I've got to get my Senior exams put together.


Paula said...

I have two brothers and a sister who dropped out of high school right after they turned 17. It was sad! I am happy you can have conversations with that boy. Hopefully he will listen to you.

Unknown said...

A real teacher is priceless. It sounds like you have a good rapport with your students- that makes all the difference in senior high xx

The Gal Herself said...

Is it my imagination or are you feeling a bit more wistful about bidding adieu to this senior class?

Cristy S said...

That's awesome that the girls want you to go to their parties. I really hope your at-risk student changes his mind.