day 04

Join the June Challenge--this is today's prompt:

Your views on religion.

I was raised Catholic and I was a holy roller when I was a teen. I taught religious education classes and was very involved in music ministry. A year or so after I graduated college, I was sitting in church looking around and enjoying being part of the community. I loved being with the people. I distinctly remember having a moment of listening closely and thinking it's a nice story but I realized I didn't believe it. And that led to my questioning. I met with my priest several times and we talked about all my questions and my thoughts. Never once did he condescend or minimize, avoid or patronize. It was intellectual and spiritual. I was sorely disappointed in the role of women in the Church. I didn't want to be a lay person. I didn't want to be a sister.

I did quite a bit of study in college in comparative religion and philosophy; added to this spiritual journey, I realized I was being a major hypocrite. So I took a break from Church. And it became an extended break. Yes, I'm still on the break.

Over the years, I've come to realize that I am less judgmental and more open and accepting of others. Intellectually, I know I'm living a more Christ-like life now that I don't worship Christ.

I'm not a religion basher. I accept and respect everyone's belief system. Just because my beliefs make sense to me doesn't mean they will make sense to others.

And I get my family to accept that this is where I am on my spiritual journey by acknowledging that I know the Church is always there for me with open arms. But it has taken a very long time for them to accept my choices.


Paula said...

I liked how you feel you are living a more Christ-like life now! I respect your view

Cristy S said...

Totally love this post.