So, the school year ends soon. It's been an overwhelming year for me. I've had highs and I've had lows. More highs than lows, in retrospect. Three new courses to juggle were a lot of work and effort. I'm very proud of the work I've done with the new classes. I've tried some new strategies and tried to keep things fresh. I've used technology differently and had success.

I've really kept to myself this year, not getting sucked into the drama going on among the faculty and staff. Unfortunately, keeping to myself also means I didn't get to strengthen bonds with teachers I'm close to who aren't in my immediate vicinity in the building. But we have different schedules and little opportunity during the day to mingle. On a positive note, I've strengthened my relationship with the principal. We've had some difficult yet productive conversations, times when either of us could have gotten defensive but working together we avoided any conflicts.

I have made the decision to not attend an AP Institute this summer. I'm choosing to not attend workshops or conferences. I'm taking the summer off.


Unknown said...

When does your school year end and for how long ? We are half way through here.

Paula said...

Good for you! Take the summer off...what do you plan to do?

Cristy S said...

Kick your feet up and enjoy your summer. That's awesome about your three new classes going very well.

The Gal Herself said...

This may be one of those years that you'll back on and view as transformative. You have made some decisions that you sound very comfortable with.