day 02

Join the June Challenge--this is today's prompt:

Where you'd like to be in 10 years.

In ten years, I'd like to be certain that I will be able to retire comfortably.
I'd like to have traveled to Italy with my sister and Ireland with my bestie.
I'd like to have paid off my frivolous debts.
I'd like to have conquered the clutter!
I'd like to be healthy.
I'd like for my family to be well.
I'd like my professional life to be vibrant and thriving.
I'd like to have read my TBR.
I'd like to have accomplished most of my bucket list.


Unknown said...

Conquering the clutter, now that's a good idea and it will probably take me 10 years to do it.

Paula said...

I want to conquer clutter too!

Jasmine said...

I should make a bucket list! Wouldn't that be fun!

Cristy S said...

Haha! I would also like to conquer the clutter, maybe in the next 10 years. Italy and Ireland are both on my bucket list.

Soulz Rebel said...

I want my debts gone too...