the never-ending list

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

  • Funerals and calling hours
  • Racist or sexist jokes
  • Unstructured time
  • Student-filled cafeterias at meal times
  • Introducing myself to strangers in social situations
  • Anxiety
  • Cold calling businesses to solicit for donations
  • Calling service businesses to schedule appointments
  • Strangers randomly talking to me when we're in a forced situation (like at the laundromat or in a waiting room)
  • Personal space hogs
  • Trying a new restaurant and having the owners hover
  • Having my form of payment rejected
  • Cats, birds, and most bugs


Paula said...

Funerals make me uncomfortable also but the older I get the more I am attending!

Cristy S said...

I hate cold calling businesses for donations or really asking for donations. I had to do it several years for Girl Scouts and PTA...it sucked and I still hate it.

Personal space hogs and rejected payments make me uncomfortable too.

I am guilty of being the stranger that talks to people in a waiting room...sorry.

The Gal Herself said...

Oh! I hate personal space hogs, too! And, even though I've never had my credit card rejected ever in my life, I'm always uncomfortable when they're checking.

Lisa G said...

Personal space hogs--definitely. I used to work with this doctor from Greece who thought it was ok to kiss (!!!!) all the nurses hello, one kiss on each cheek. I had to take him in my office and tell him that was definitely NOT ok. We're not in Greece.

Made me think of a quote from "Dirty Dancing" --- "this is your dance space, and this is my dance space..."

Unknown said...

Lots of things to be uncomfortable about! A lot of those worry me too, sometimes!