saturday 9

Tunnel of Love

1) Do you enjoy amusement park rides? I used to, I haven't been on them in a long time

2) In this song, Bruce likens romance to riding through the tunnel of love. The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about a "Love Rollercoaster." What amusement park ride reminds you of your relationships? the merry go round: the name, the ups and downs, and it never goes anywhere

3) Bruce's nickname is The Boss. Who was your best boss? What made him/her a good supervisor? My former department chair and mentor. He was my work husband and we completed each other.

4) Bruce's father was a bus driver and his mother was a legal secretary. What professions did/do your parents work in? my dad was a teacher

5) Bruce met his wife Patti at a bar in Asbury Park. Do you believe you can pick up lasting love in a bar? sure

6) Springsteen was unable to work for years because he was embroiled in a lawsuit with his management company. Have you ever been sued, or sued someone else? no, thankfully!

7) Bruce won an Oscar for writing the title song for the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia. Do you have a favorite Tom Hanks movie? I love a lot of Tom Hanks movies! I think he's versatile and an everyman and I'm a big fan. Sleepless in Seattle

8) Bruce's official Twitter account (@springsteen) has more than 389,000 followers. Do you tweet? If so, how many people follow you? I tweet and I have 179 followers

9) Bruce's drummer, Mighty Max Weinberg, led the band on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Who do you think is funnier -- Conan or Jay Leno? Or are you looking forward to Jimmy Fallon? I'm looking forward to Jimmy Fallon


Diana_CT said...

I love your answer for #2 :)

The Gal Herself said...

Sleepless in Seattle makes me think of Louis Armstrong singing "A Kiss to Build a Dream On." Wasn't the soundtrack great?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It's funny, when you said that thing about Fallon, I realized that I don't care. I haven't watched that show since the first night of Leno's return.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Your work husband made me smile. I have one of those too! And I love the merry go round metaphor.

I am Harriet said...

Work husbands are the best for so many reasons....

Lisa G said...

Work husband--LOL, I had a work wife for almost 10 years, I totally get that.