ravin' bout my faves...

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

In no particular order:

1) Diana's Little Corner In The Nutmeg State. Diana is a trans-activist who continually teaches me to be empathetic and accepting.

2) Knitting At Large. Julie's teaching me how to knit. She doesn't know it.

3) TYWKIWDBI. You just never know what you'll learn here.

4) Alison's Book Marks. Almost every book she reviews becomes one of my Must Reads. We have similar taste.

5) 22 Words. Pure fun. Weird goodness.


Diana_CT said...

Thank you, <3

Paula said...

I used to read Diana but lost track of her. Thanks for putting her link on here. I will go and check her out again!