ten things tuesday

Ten things I would say to my teenage self:

1) Develop a study strategy that works for you. Even though you don't think you need it, you need it.

2) Weight will be a life-long issue so make peace with it now.

3) A haircut is not a permanent injury. Do what you want with your hair during college. Asymmetrical styles will make a comeback.

4) One day you'll have a kick-ass wardrobe. Try to look nice. Pleated pants are gross, don't wear them. Tapered pants are ugly, don't wear them.

5) Do a great job of staying close to your friends. Friendships will evolve over the years but you'll always have a core group who know you now. Cherish the memories. Be foolish.

6) Be open to the possibilities of relationships. Be better at reading signals when guys are interested in you.

7) You're not ugly. One day you'll realize you're beautiful from the inside out.

8) Make and keep a list of books and poems you love. Add to it. Forever.

9) Be loyal to your musical tastes. One day you really will see Sting!

10) Adventures will find you. Live your mantras. Start now! Be brave. Keep the course. Don't be scared. Don't cling. Fierce with a snap (the snap is crucial) will be your favorite.


Natalie said...

I love this! :)

Paula said...

YES! To all of them.

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, this is so lovely. And #9 made me smile.