ten things tuesday

Ten things that start with T:

1) Teaching. I really love teaching. It's more about content, it's habits of mind. How to think instead of what to think.

2) Tea. My favorite is Constant Comment.

3) Tulips. No flower represents spring more than tulips. Plus, when I was in Holland, we saw some incredible fields of tulips.

4) Toes. Especially puppy toes, baby toes, and my toes. I can't wait for pedicure season!

5) TV. I have blogged about my life-long love affair with television before.

6) Twitter. The first social media I joined strictly for teaching but now I use it socially.

7) Tattoos. I really like telling my story in visuals on my body. My tattoos all mean something specific and special to me. And it's funny, that until I got my first tattoo, I was adamantly against them. Thought they were cheesy. Then I wanted to mark how significant my near-death experience was to me. And now I'm addicted.

8) Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. I genuinely take time to count my blessings in a mindful way during the holiday season. And I love getting together with my family.

9) Taurus. I love my Ford Taurus!

10) Tomatoes. I did not like them when I was a kid but when I hit my 20s, I tried to stop being a fussy eater. I love tomatoes, and when August rolls around and my gardening friends gift me with the little ones, I'm in heaven!

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Paula said...

Loved this list! Especially your comments about tattoos. I don't have any......YET!