friday fill-ins

Join the fun here!

1. I was looking for a simple solution.

2. Chatting on F*cebook is one of my favorite ways to socialize.

3. I looked at the clock and wondered if time is standing still.

4. Zebra is the type of pen I most prefer to use.

5. What in the weather indicates a good car wash day?

6. Nap attack seems to happen to me often.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on some DVRd shows, tomorrow my plans include errands and maybe laundry and Sunday, I want to knit and knit and knit!


Diana_CT said...

Nap attacks seem to be also in my future after waking up at 3AM

AlwaysJoy said...

Whatcha knitting ?

The Liebers said...

I am hoping for nap attacks for all three kiddos today. Mainly so I can have one too! Have a great weekend!