day 15

Today's prompt is to list ten things that make me awesome. Here in random order, are ten things:

1) I am awesome because I take chances. For instance, I was watching a History Channel video about the Mexican-American War and thought one of the historians was interesting, I'd like to take a class from him, so I Googled him, emailed him, and invited him to Skype with my classes. We set a date for Wednesday, the 20th.

2) I am awesome because I am creative. I have an appreciation for the arts. I support the arts. I am musical. I regularly journal, doodle, and am a knitter!

3) I am awesome because I am a teacher. In a profession much maligned, I like to keep things fresh for my classes, I'm always researching and learning. I regularly give Twitter assignments or other memes for students to use.

4) I am awesome because I am a mentor. Students look up to me and frequently tell me I'm their favorite teacher. I know it's not because of the content of my classes, it's the atmosphere and how I make them feel. I care about my students and make sure they know it.

5) I am awesome because I am a reader. I read a variety of books and genres; I am an organized reading group member.

6) I am awesome because I am a thoughtful sister. I check in with my sisters, listen to what they have going on, let them vent, and celebrate the little things with them.

7) I am awesome because I am a good listener. I give my full attention and am an active listener. I ask clarifying questions and acknowledge what I've heard.

8) I am awesome because I am a life-long learner. I know there is always more to know--to think about, to question, to study, to learn.

9) I am awesome because I challenge myself. Whether it's accepting a challenge, like this March blogging challenge, or learning to knit, or pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I love a challenge.

10) I am awesome because I am a work in progress. I try to be the best person I can be, I work hard in therapy, I work at being patient, and I know I'm far from perfect.


Paula said...

Being a work in progress is certainly a good thing. I enjoyed learning about how awesome you are!

Janet said...

perfect would be boring :-) You sounds GREAT!

Laura said...

You are awesome!

The Gal Herself said...

I loooove this exercise. Good for you, Ms. Awesome. And you're right -- teachers are unjustly maligned when in reality we should all stop and think of how much we owe you.

Lisa G said...

Damn right, you are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you challenge yourself makes you super awesome. I agree with BossNurse above. DAMN RIGHT! You're AWESOME.