musing mondays

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• What question(s) would you like to see asked in future Musing Mondays posts?

  1. What’s your favorite movie based on a book?
  2. Is there a particular book that is your nemesis--the book you're determined to one day finish?
  3. How often do you read books outside your preferred genre?


caite said...

Oh, some good ones there...mizb is getting some good questions to use!

JC Jones said...

All good questions. Looks like there will be weeks worth of questions for us to answer. Thanks for visiting.

Gigi Ann said...

I liked all of your questions.

Sasha said...

I like all of these! Hopefully I'll be able to answer them in a future Musing Monday :)

Yvonne said...

Great questions! I hope they are used for a future MM!

Patricia @ Lady with Books said...

I like question 2. I think we all have a book nemesis that we are hoping to one day conquer. I want to get through the Jane Austen books but I seem to have some sort of mental block where books written more than a couple decades ago are concerned. I know. I’m tragic.

Patricia @ Lady with Books

WutheringWillow @ A Paperback Life said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Very good questions! I can't help but answer them,

1. Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 BBC version starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

2. The Complete Father Brown and The Complete Chronicles of Narnia.

3.Almost never.