ten things tuesday...

Ten things that begin with the letter H:

1) Hugs. I am a fan of hugs. Hugs are the best.

2) Hot Cocoa. It's one of my favorite things and I do drink it year-round. I like flavored hot cocoa, too, particularly mint. And I especially love it with whipped cream on it.

3) Helloooooooo! Sounding like Mrs. Doubtfire, it's how I greet my nieces.

4) Home. It's my favorite place to be.

5) Hippos!

6) Helping. I feel great when I help others--regardless of what they need help with.

7) Honesty. It's important to be honest with others and with myself.

8) Happiness. Need I say more?

9) Hotels. I love staying at hotels. Luckily I haven't had bed bug incidents.

10) History. I teach history. I read about history. I watch history. And I try to inspire my students to enjoy history, too.


Lisa G said...

I love hotels too! Is it weird that I don't even think about bed bugs?

I would have loved to have you for a teacher--my history teachers were boring to a man/woman!

The Gal Herself said...

I'm with you on hotels, too. And while I never think about bed bugs, I know you're not alone. That Skymall catalog in the back of the airplane seats sells a wand, designed especially for travelers, for sanitizing linens and killing bed bugs.

That hippos photo makes me happy. I grew up near and spent a lot of my youth in a zoo and was never drawn to the hippo the way I was other animals. But I think it's because he was alone. Plurality makes hippos look happier!