ten things tuesday...

Ten things:

1) I don't really know if I'm ready. I've got a couple things that are still en route. Fingers crossed that they'll be here in time.

2) I haven't watched all of Elf this year. What is wrong with me?

3) I have the Charlie Brown special from NetFlix. I'll probably watch it tonight.

4) I spent time with my 8th period AP class talking about books we've read. Then we got talking about me being a "plugged in" teacher and they were amazed that I have a blog and that I use Twitter (and Plurk). So they made me send a tweet from class. Wasted time, but it was so much fun.

5) My other classes seem to think we're just supposed to be playing reindeer games. They are not impressed that we're working on an in-class project until Friday.

6) Speaking of Friday, can you believe we have school on Friday--a regular school day?

7) I don't know what to get myself for a gift this year. I didn't get myself a birthday gift or a Thanksgiving gift, either. I could buy myself some books.

8) My right hand ring finger's top knuckle is really, really sore. For no reason. Sharp, stabbing pain in the joint. It needs to go away. Right now!

9) There's no new Glee until next year.

10) I emailed Dad today to find out if we're having our annual family sing-a-long party this year. He forgot to invite me! It's Wednesday.


The Gal Herself said...

Good luck trying to get the kids to focus on Fri. Sounds like a suicide mission to me. Even for a plugged in teacher who tweets.

Thought of you when I read that Glee's ratings are way down this year. It's not in danger of cancellation, is it?

Kwizgiver said...

They have plans for a spin off so I think it's still good for now.

I {heart} Rhody said...

Tweeting in class! I wish I'd seen it, I would have replied, and then you could prove you have followers, too!

Make sure to watch Charlie Brown and Elf, so it can be Christmas for real, and have fun at the sing-along!