christmas meme 8

How Does He Do It?
1. Get down the chimney? magic

2. Deliver presents all over the world? time zones

3. Get so fat and still act so jolly? cookies!

4. Recruit reindeer for sleigh-pulling lessons? oh, they line up for the chance

5. Provide compensation for elves making toys? it's not a job for them, it's a labor of love

6. Stay unseen from the rest of the world? he's unseen?

Would It Still Be Christmas Without…

7. Candy canes? yes

8. Snow? it would be weird

9. Stores opening at 5am? yes

10. Winter vacation? NO!

11. Visiting family & friends? it wouldn't be the same

12. Fake Santas? as long as they love what they're doing, and bring some authenticity to their role they're okay

13. Christmas trees? I can go without a tree but not trees in general

14. New holiday movies? I love my old favorites

15. Getting holiday greeting cards/email? I don't get very many, so yeah, it wouldn't really matter to go without

16. Holiday tunes? oh, no, the music makes the holidays!


Cat. said...

Swiped! :-)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Double swiped!