ten things tuesday...

Ten random things:

1) This year has started smoothly. I realize it's just the second day but things have been going very smoothly so far. There's a different vibe in the building, which is good.

2) I would like to be more creative. Really dig in and be creative. Trying new strategies and developing new techniques.

3) So far it hasn't been a terribly hot summer. Now that school's in it's supposed to be in the 80s. Oy.

4) I miss spending the day reading. Reading what I want. I'm back into reading text books. Not as much fun as Harry Potter.

5) I love Nutella. May have said that a time or two, but a spoonful of Nutella makes the world a better place. And it doesn't take much... just a spoonful.

6) My body is kinda sore from standing all day on the hard floors. My legs are a tad tired. I probably shouldn't be wearing sandals.


8) I'm digging my white board. So are my students.

9) At first I wasn't thrilled but now that it's sunk in and I've considered more of the possibilities, I'm satisfied with how the Glee Project ended.

10) I'm out of things...

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The Gal Herself said...

Can you combine #2 and #4? Is there a way to apply some of the teaching techniques of Hogwart's?

I love that you are enthusiastic about "digging in." Your students are lucky.