ten things tuesday...

Ten things that begin with the letter C:

1) Cold. I'm really sick with a cold.

2) The Chills. I've got'em. They're multiplying. I'm going to go to bed soon.

3) Chapped nose. It's Rudolph-worthy. Is that tmi?

4) Car. I love my car. I'm glad it's running well and ready to go on a trip this summer.

5) Calm. I manage to keep calm when students are falling apart around me. Today was a perfect example.

6) Chocolate. I need some chocolate. I think I've got some puddin'.

7) Clothing. It's great fun to pick out a cute outfit every morning. I'm not sick of my clothes anymore. And I have more clothes than any one person needs. Seriously. No exaggeration.

8) Compulsions. The inexplicable urges are fewer and farther between, thanks to meds. Mostly now it's my thoughts. I have a lot of circular thinking, which gets me nowhere.

9) Computers. My favorite toys.

10) Children. I love my homeroom children. I'm sad they are leaving the next but I'm excited to see where they go. We got our yearbooks today and so far the three boys have written a half-page each. I can't wait to see what they have to say.


Diana_CT said...

It would seem to me that colds are an occupational hazard for teachers.

jon said...

I just found out that Obama is Irish.
Shouldn't that be O'bama?
We might be related. I wonder If I can get a invite from cousin Barry O'bama?
Whigte house here I come.

The Gal Herself said...

Cold, chills and chapped nose? Kwiz, you deserve chocolate! And I love the yearbook story you closed with.