ten things tuesday...

Ten things...

1) I borrowed a book from my neighbor and I haven't read it yet. I feel kind of guilty that I've had it so long.

2) I'm getting better at Scrabble. I used to hate to play because I always would freeze and be totally unable to think of any words at all. But now I play on the iPad all the time, for hours at a time. I'm getting better at it.

3) I was bored by the Academy Awards. Even Melissa Leo's f-bomb didn't make it interesting. The hosts were just okay, as far as I'm concerned.

4) Today was the first full day of school since vacation. I missed my AP afternoon class yesterday. It was good to see them today. I <3 them.

5) An education student from the local university is observing my classes. He's going to have to teach a lesson, too. I completely forgot his name. Could not think of it.

6) I should try to have my yearly observation this week. During one of my AP classes. We've got good stuff going on this week.

7) During yesterday's long ride home (usually it's twenty-five minutes) which took over an hour, I listened to the whole Cee Lo Green CD. I love it. Really love it.

8) The other new music I got is Adele 21. Another sensational CD.

9) I don't think there's a new episode of Glee tonight. What a bummer.

10) A student went to Aruba over vacation and it's all I've been thinking about--with the wild and woolly winter days we've had it makes me think of how warm and wonderful the beaches are. I went on a memorable sunset booze cruise, walked on the beach at night and even went skinny dipping in the ocean. Gawd, to be young and foolish again. I could go back.


The Gal Herself said...

You make Aruba sound so seductive!

I was disappointed in the Oscars because they were just as we all thought they'd be. No surprise winners -- like Annette Benning or the kid from True Grit. It was like watching a sporting event after you know who wins.

I read once that the best Scrabble players are more into math and engineering than reading or literature. They look at the board and the letters as scoring opportunities, whereas left brained folks concentrate on the words themselves (less likely to use short, easy words because they're common and not interesting).

Jennifer said...

Are you playing Words with Friends? I'm soooo addicted!