ten things tuesday...

Ten things about my day:

1) I overslept this morning. Slept through my alarm. Probably because I had a glass of wine last night to help me unwind from the meeting.

2) Made an appointment for a massage. It's Wednesday at 7:15. What a great way to start vacation!

3) Made a therapy appointment for Monday. I had to cancel last week's appointment because of Dad's scare last week. My therapist will be shocked by everything that's gone on since my last appointment.

4) Ran to the pharmacy for refills. It's nice to check off routine chores.

5) Dranoed my tub drain. I will call the plumber. When I'm on vacation.

6) Finished my grades and printed out verification reports. No shocks.

7) Tallied the books and I'm down one that is damaged beyond repair. Now I've got 79 for next year.

8) Packed up and cleaned up my classroom. I'm a dirty wreck now because I didn't have a chance to clean up before #9.

9) (Re)Joined Weight Watchers with my bestie. I think the two of us will keep each other accountable and on track. Great support. And going with someone else keeps me motivated. And who better than my bestie to support?

10) I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. I'm wiped out. But I'm excited for tomorrow. At 11:30 I'm a free woman.


The Gal Herself said...

The desire to break loose permeates every line of this post. Even calling the plumber sounds easier to take when you're on vacation, doesn't it?

Mimi Lenox said...

All I can say is Thank GOD for summer vacation. Enjoy!!