ten things tuesday...

Ten random things for this vacation week:

1) I have a ton of laundry to take care of--I've got sheets, blankets and towels. And I just bought some new towels.

2) Today was eleven-and-a-half hours in a stressful meeting. I'm wiped.

3) Therapy was great yesterday. My therapist remarked that I looked great and I told her it's because I'm on vacation.

4) The book Dog On It is fun. It's a perfect vacation read.

5) I may head South for some shopping. I haven't really decided what I'm doing this week. Other than laundry.

6) I need some supper. But I'm having a glass of wine instead.

7) I love my car starter with the door locks. I'm so glad I got it for myself.

8) We got Maggie a year ago! Her groomer thinks she's such a beautiful dog he wants to use her picture for the side of his mobile grooming van.

9) I'm switching channels between Idol and the Olympics.

10) My bestie and I will get to hang out while her kids are at their dad's. She needs some grown-up time.

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The Gal Herself said...

I'm not surprised that Maggie is America's Next Top Dog Model. She's a doll. But what kind of meeting ate up your time while you were on vacation?