So, I almost made a pretty significant impulse purchase today--a netbook. I was at Staples and if the customer service had been better, I would have walked out with a new toy. I am also toying with getting a Kindle. Gah. I don't know what I want.


The Gal Herself said...

She wouldn't have bought a netbook or a Kindle. If my cats are any indication, she'd go with twine, a balled up sock, or perhaps content herself with batting that coin around. Cats are a simple breed.

Good for you on the netbook! You're online so much, you deserve what will help you get the most from the experience.

The kindle gives me pause, though. Why do you need it? You drive everywhere, so when you read you're pretty sedentary. What's the benefit for you?

Jean said...

I like my Kindle but find I really really really prefer the written page.
However, I also liked the Princess phone and my '66 VW Bug and being 50, and I adjusted to life after them, so I expect I'll adjust to eBooks. I like the idea of carrying my library with me in fewer than 50 book boxes (movers hate me) and always having something new and interesting to read, whatever my mood & wherever I am, since it's small enough to carry in my (admittedly tall but not heavy) purse.
As for netbooks, may I recommend a Mac? I *love* the iBook and have had one for 7 years.