saturday 8

medical anomalies
when was the last time you...

1. went to the doctor? why did you have to go? two weeks ago for my annual physical and female exam

2. had surgery? for what? never had it

3. visited someone in the hospital? who was it? my sister was in the ER the first week of August and I went to visit her

4. took a prescription medication? for what? this morning... I take meds for edema, anxiety, OCD, high blood pressure and vitamins

5. injured any part of your body? what were you doing? in March, I fell and cut up my face, bruised my knee and broke my glasses... I was walking and just went down, but I bounced and that's when I hit my face. I had to get three stitches

6. ate something that gave you food poisoning? what was it? pancakes... I don't want to think about it

7. had a cold/allergies? uh... sheesh, I can't remember... May?

8. did NOT heed a doctor's advice? what did you ignore/do differently? geesh... I guess I can't remember before last summer's health scare... so it's been well over a year at the very least. Since then, I take directions/advice and follow it to the letter. To the letter. It has become a matter of life and death. (geeze, when did I get old??)

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