September 1, 2007
Keeping The Faith
Scorpio Daily Horoscope
You may feel a number of closer relationships developing in your life today. Because you are likely in a faithful and considerate mood, you may have little trouble giving the people you care about the consideration they are due. Your commitment to the principles of love and equality can help you overcome any difficulties that may arise in your relationships, as your main focus will likely be on preserving the goodwill and respect that already exists between you and your loved ones. If you want to express the bulk of your devotion today, consider taking some time to compose letters of affection that will outline your feelings on paper.

The strong commitment we make in our relationships is meaningful because it influences our thoughts and actions even when our loved ones are not present. To be truly faithful is to consider the needs and desires of family and friends in those situations in which our desires do not represent what is best for the bonds important to our wellbeing. The choices we make will not necessarily always be advantageous to our loved ones, yet we will likely not make any decisions that will negatively impact the people we care about without thinking very carefully about the matters at hand. This level of dedication is a testament to the strength of the feelings that motivate us to stick by our loved ones no matter what. Your devotion will be apparent in all you do today when you give your friends and family the consideration they are due.

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